A continuing LRC user education program will be carried out to maximize the use of LRC resources, facilities and services, and to promote lifelong learning among college students and other LRC users.

    A. Objectives

    The objectives of the LRC user education program shall be the following:

      To educate new LRC users about the basic information on the LRC’s use, including the rules and regulations to be observed;
      To explain to new users of LRC where the resources and services are located;
      To give new LRC users the chance to meet LRC staff who will later assist them; and
      To improve the knowledge and skills of LRC users about the use of search tools, information resources and equipment, as well as proper documentation and bibliography.

    B. Activities

    To achieve the objectives of the LRC user education program, the following activities shall be done:

      Orientation and guided LRC tours;
      Lecture-demonstrations, workshops, and hands-on exercises on the use of information resources, facilities, and equipment;
      One-on-one instruction;
      Preparation of users’ guides, handbooks, and other printed and online LRC instructional materials;
      Other activities that shall be deemed necessary; and
      Virtual LRC orientation through DSSC Facebook Page is conducted in the new normal setting.